Fourth-o-Julio weekend we drove up to Des Moines to support our niece Kaitlin in the National American Miss pageant. She was one of the Iowa finalists, and she had asked me to be her escort for the pageant…which I was more than happy to do. Kaitlin’s father is a verbally abusive ass who has never been supportive of his daughter…so both of us, Dawn and I, support Kaitlin (and her brother Daniel) in everything they do.

Even on a holiday weekend there’s not much to do in downtown Des Moines. Not many food joints open either, though we did find a pizza/pasta place a block from the hotel where we ate at least twice. There’s a building next to the Marriott called the Ruan Building that is made from steel that rusts on purpose, and it looked like some sort of mid-1960s Soviet monstrosity. Very depressing.

Kaitlin did well…three trophy awards. More importantly, she made some friends and received a healthy boost to her self-esteem. On the way home I did get a Maid-Rite, which made me happy.

In August we’ll return to Iowa for a weekend a the state fair.


One thought on “Ia

  1. Hi, my name is Matt Leverton, I’m one of the directors for National American Miss. I came across your blog today and I just wanted to say thank for you being a part of our program and more importantly, thank you for supporting you niece!

    Happy New Year!
    ~Matt Leverton

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