It’s been a while.

Life goes on. We spent a week in Fla back in June. Dawn attended a national case manager conference and I got to spend some wonderful time with my in-laws. I fell in love with Florida, which even surprised me, as I’m not much of a fan of anything south of the Mason-Dixon line. We spent a day at Cocoa Beach, the first time I’d ever seen the ocean. That was fantastic.

We stayed at a place called Rosen’s Shingle Creek Resort…and it was an experience from hell. I hope I never see that over-priced place again. This is the review I wrote about the place (titled “Rosen Prison”) for the Trip Advisor web site:
My wife and I stayed here while she attended a national conference
being held at this location. Be advised that this complex is associated
with a hospitality program at a local university; all the help are
On arrival on the 17th we were informed that the
reservations were made for an arrival on the 14th (which they were not)
and that we would be charged a $330 “no show” fee! My wife insisted
that her email with this hotel from two months earlier showed us a
arrival date of the 17th. We were informed that internet was $12.00 a
day, but if she wanted to make a copy of her email she cold go to their
business center and print a copy for $2.00!
This hotel nickel and
dimes a person to death. There is a charge for EVERYTHING. It is also
isolated…like a big, pink prison…the nearest Publix is about a mile
walk away, and I Drive is about two miles away. Thank goodness my
inlaws live in Orlando, or I wold have been a prisoner here while my
wife attended her sessions. This hotel is also HUGE…everything is
miles of walking away.
After much negotiating with the help we were able to get the no show fee canceled, so that was decent of them.
Also, this is a ‘green’ hotel…water from the tap and shower literally came out at a trickle.



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