early Monday

I don’t like nights when it’s so q***t that I can post to my blog.  I got out of work this morning with every nerve frayed after dealing with a patient who went into intractable SVT.  We got to the end of the algorithm, call the staff doctor at home and followed his advice, “Fill up his tank and try to cardiovert him again…” and, wouldn’t you know, it worked.  [“Fill up his tank”=give him a litre of saline fast] 

After leaving the shift in such a blaze of glory, adrenaline flowing, I surprisingly slept like a log.  Now, tonight, you can here a pin drop around here.  It’s true: Working in an ICU is hours of boredom and moments of sheer terror.  I like the sheer terror part best…it’s what we’re trained for.

Dawn’s doing home visits today so hopefully she’ll be home early and we can do something.  This Saturday we’re planning on going to Powell Gardens.  I feel lots of photographs coming on!


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