Waiting for my Mac!

I got myself a Mac.  A notebook.  It’s supposed to arrive by FedEx later today.  I’m sort of glad it’s a slow night at work because I keep checking the FedEx page and following the tracking.  It just left Louisville about a half hour ago (0450 their time).  By the time it gets to KC and on the truck…I hope I have it by 1200.  That would be sweet…I’ll have some time to set it up and play with it before Dawn gets home at 1500 and we go into the city. 

Dawn’s laptop died.  She’ll fix it and send it to our son Michael in Texas.  I’ll give her Thor (my laptop).  I’ll get the new Mac.  It’ll be interesting learning Mac.  I’m living proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks!



2 thoughts on “Waiting for my Mac!

  1. I just realized that an old friend of ours used to call her powerbook ‘Thor’ too – IIRC because you needed the god’s own strength to hammer on the keys. Remember that? Did you name your laptop after hers?

  2. Actually, I may name the new laptop after Deb’s Thor, and call it Thor II, since I do have to hammer the keys to get it to type every letter.

    My old Dell laptop, Thor I, had a very light touch…

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