Dawn’s birthday

Today my sweetness turns 50.

The amazing thing is that I didn’t even know her two years ago.  At that time we were both in the middle of divorces.  We met in July of 2006.  We met on match.com.  I started it…I typed the word “episcopal” in the search box.  She was the first match.  Her profile intrigued the hell out of me.  The first time we spoke I knew I’d like her.  We talked for about an hour and, were it not for the fact that I had to get off the phone because I had to work that night, we would have probably met for coffee that evening.  Our first date turned into about five hours of conversation.  We “got” each others’ jokes and arcane references.  We had a lot in common.

She tried driving me off by laying all her cards on the table.  I reminded her, “You can’t scare me…I’m a night nurse!”  I ended up following her to her place so she could introduce me to her sheltie and cats.  I wasn’t much of a dog person, but I fell in love with Spock…and now we have two shelties!

Dawn doesn’t look 50.  She doesn’t act 50, either.  And I love her so.  When you get to be ‘our’ age (I’ll soon be fifty…) we want someone to grow old together with.  We’re both blessed.  For both of us, God saved the best for last.

Love you, sugar!


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