No more laundromat!

Our dryer has been on the fritz and our house was built without proper venting for the dryer, so we’ve been using the laundromat to get our clothes done for the past month or so. 

Disgusting, awful place.  Expensive, too.  Buck-seventy-five for a load of wash and 25 cents for seven minutes of dryer time.

Smokers.  People dressed terribly.

Noisy.  Funny smelling.

White-trash folks sneaking around.  Some woman even tried messing with Dawn’s laundry on Sunday and there was almost a physical altercation.  Lesson for me: Don’t mess with Dawn’s laundry.  She gets mean and gives people the evil eye.

Tomorrow someone is coming to place a proper vent in the house, and on Thursday we’re having a new dryer delivered and installed from Lowe’s.

We can’t wait.


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