Of teeth and abcesses and children and age and dogs

I broke a tooth–two teeth actually–and took courage by the hand and went to see a dentist yesterday morning.  The man I saw is not my regular dentist; he’s on vacation, but lack of sleep from pain made me desperate for some relief.  I have an abcess and need a root canal.  Relief has come in the form of an antibiotic and Vicodin.  I hate taking Vicodin.  My experience is that I still hurt, I just don’t care about it.  That’s a very strange feeling and once I can live without.

Philip and (lovely) Rita (meter maid) flew in from Anchorage today.  Tomorrow after the Home Show Dawn and I are getting together with them and DD Annie to celebrate Annie’s 21st birthday, which is Monday.  Annie wants to go to Red Lobster.  Family tradition reigns: The birthday child gets to choose the restaurant where we celebrate the birthday.  I was sharing with my ex the other day that now that I’m sober Annie and have a delightful relationship.

Dawn and I have a new Sheltie pup.  His name is Fergus.  This is what he looked like a few months ago:  dsc00326.jpg


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