My weekend in Tay-hoss

What a weekend.

We left home at about 0900 on Friday…the rented white Dodge station wagon loaded up, including Michael’s semi-automatic weapon (long story…) that we had to disarm somewhere along Hwy 71 in Missouri so we would be guilty of any felonies if stopped by the police.

We got to Tahlequah, OK,  at around 1300. It was beautiful…lots of rolling hills…reminded me of Wisconsin, though Dawn said it was reminiscent of the Great Smoky Mountains, where the Eastern Band of Cherokee lived before they were displaced.  We stopped at the Cherokee National Museum.  I was deeply disturbed by the Trail of Tears exhibit.  It’s disturbing that these peaceful, educated people had their roots pulled up and were forced to move half way across the country and be told, “This is where you will live now.”  Too, too many of them died…

The remaining trip to Dallas was rainy.  We got in at about 2030 and met Michael for a late meal at the local IHOP. When we got to his place I had an asthma attack…and have now been smoke free since then.  (Yesterday I was pretty crabby and irritable, but I feel much better today, thank you very much.)

Saturday we visited with Jeremy, Dawn’s youngest.  He’s a neat kid…reminds me a lot of Dawn, and what our own kid would have looked like if we were younger and had all our reproductive parts.  We spend some time with Seamus, Dawn’s grandson.  Michael was right, his ex is a biatch.

We came home Sunday after Dawn spent more time with Seamus.

I do not like Dallas, Tay-hoss.  The people are pretentious and unfriendly.  I have never been in worse traffic in my life.  It was also waaay too hot.  The only good to come out of Tay-hoss is that I’m no longer smoking.   


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