What a long strange trip…

   Dawn and I, and her new coworker Mia, left for Jeff City yesterday about 1300 for thier quarterly meetings with their work group.  Jeff City is about three hours from Blue Springs.  On the way we stopped in Sedalia (home of the Missouri State Fair) at a place called the Wheel Inn to eat their world famous gooberburgers.  Gooberburgers are regular hamburgers (make thin…I think that’s the secret) that are covered with a layer of peanut butter.  I know this sounds crazy, but they’re a taste treat.  We got out of the car and Dawn said, “Oh no.  I left my purse at home.”  We searched the car.  No purse.  Don’t get me wrong.  Dawn is a smart girl.  IQ of 170…though she’s a tad dingy when it comes to some things.  That’s OK.  I love her anyway.  (Besides, it makes things interesting sometimes.)  We drove back to Blue Springs then back to Sedalia and on to Jeff City through a torrential downpour…the same one, over and over again because with all the east-west driving we kept going through the same storm over and over again!  We finally got to Jeff City at about 1900 and ordered a pizza.  The pizza guy brought us the wrong pizza.  We finally got the correct pizza.  Then we noticed that the thrmostat was stuck on 80F.  This morning the maintenance guy tells me that the motherboard is shot on the AC…


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