…it doesn’t happen too often, but earlier this morning I was assaulted by a patient.  He was old and confused and when I went into his room to readjust his oxygen he hauled off and slugged me in my mid-chest.  Not too hard…luckily I saw it coming and backed up.  After I called for help he attempted to kick the help and I.  This night has gone on for far too long…I look forward to the morning and going to Jeff City with Dawn.   Quarterly meeting time with her work group.  Hopefully I’ll connect up with my cousin Matt on Tuesday.  He’s moved to Rolla, from Chicago, with his spouse recently and I haven’t seen him for over a year…not since Becky’s wedding.  When I spoke with Matt on the phone the other day he seemed kind of reticent…I know he was close to my ex and I wonder if he’s a little peeved with me over the divorce, even though the divorce was amicable. 

   If we can’t get together on Tuesday I’ll probably spend some time at the capitol building.  Haven’t been there since the kids were little.  There’s not much to do in Jeff City…even the mall leaves a lot to be desired.  Nice cemeteries, though.  Maybe I’ll take some pictures.


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